Thursday, May 22, 2014

My oil obsession

For the last year I have been OBSESSED with Rose Hip Seed Oil. I do mean obsessed. I use it for everything. I know a lot of people are still on the coconut oil bandwagon but soon I know everyone will be hitching their skin to the rose hip seed oil train. A lot of high end skin care lines are already incorporating this magic oil into their products.

Previous to last year I was not a fan of oils on my skin. By not a fan I mean I did NOT put any kind of oil on my skin. Ever. Mainly because I naturally have oily skin. However, rose hip seed oil is a dry oil... this means that it is quickly and easily absorbed into the skin and leaves no greasy residue.

I stumbled upon rose hip seed oil completely by accident. I happened to be perusing Amazon looking at different skin care tools and found a dermaroller, which I will post about at a later time. What intrigued me the most was that a lot of women where following their dermarolling treatment with rose hip seed oil. So this lead me to googling the benefits of rose hip oil. Low and behold after reading up on this magic oil I ran out to my local health food store and picked some up. Since that day my skin has been FABULOUS!

So let's discuss what is so amazing about rose hip seed oil:

First and foremost, this oil is good for ALL skin types. Dry, sensitive, oily, acne, whatever you have rose oil can make it better. Even eczema!

*Rose hip seed oil is full of retinol (vitamin A). Which is going to increase the cell turnover rate reducing fine lines, deep wrinkles and acne with ZERO irritation.

*All the essential fatty acids your skin needs to be perfect especially as we get older we need those fatty acids for tissue regeneration... in short... plump, firm skin.

*Vitamin C. Great for lightening and brightening and most importantly fighting free radical damage.

This oil is perfect as a serum. So you should apply 3-5 drops on your face and neck after toning and before moisturizer.

You can pick up rose hip seed oil at any health food store, amazon and many other retailers. You want to make sure that you purchase cold pressed rose hip seed oil.

If you have any questions or testimonials please, please comment below!

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